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162 INDCs submitted by 189 countries. Only seven countries have not submitted an INDC.​ They are Uzbekistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Nicaragua, Timor-Leste, and Pakistan. (Note: Pakistan submitted only a placeholder).
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A total self-reported cost of 5,119 Billion USD by 50 countries.
​The INDCs have the capability of limiting the forecast temperature rise to around 2.7 degrees Celsius by 2100. The INDCs lower this temperature increase for the first time since the COP in Copenhagen in 2009​​.
Source: <a target="_blank" href=''>UNFCCC: Aggregate effect of the intended nationally determined contributions: an update. Synthesis Report by the secretariat (May 2, 2016).</a>
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More than 270 billion USD is the estimated self-reported costs from developing countries for the implementation of intended components of the INDCs if international support is provided.
​​119 client countries have economy-wide targets. 117 client countries have sectoral targets​.
See attached slides​.
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​​See attached slides.
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In total, 112 developing countries mentioned that they will require financial support for INDC implementation; 108 developing countries will require support for technology transfer; and 104 developing countries will require support for capacity building initiatives.
74 developing countries have included information on the level of political support adopted in their INDCs. In 8 developing countries the Head of State have formally backed the INDC; in 33 developing countries INDCs were adopted through an inter-ministerial process; 29 developing countries have developed their INDC through a sole line ministry; 8 developing countries had their INDC validated in parliament before submission. 109 developing countries have developed their INDCs based upon existing national policies and plans.
The <a target="_blank" href='$23+trillion+of+climate-smart+investment+opportunities+in+emerging+markets+by+2030'>IFC Climate Investment Opportunity Report</a> finds that there are $23 trillion in emerging markets by 2030. Below is a matrix showing the investment potential by region and sector. Note: The data is not directly from the INDCs, but based on an analysis of INDCs and other sources.